Surviving Public Relations Nightmares

MaciasPR September 27, 2012 4,657
Surviving Public Relations Nightmares

Surviving Public Relations Nightmares

A Video Conversation with Producer and Writer Mark Macias:

TV investigative producer and magazine writer Mark Macias recently sat down with Media Training Worldwide’s “Inside Communications with Mike Bako” host Mike Bako at Inside Communication’s studio in Midtown Manhattan to explain ways to survive PR nightmares.

Author of Beat the Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media, Mr. Macias gives expert insight into handling every stage of a crisis, from first interviews to restoring your reputation in the aftermath.

His most important advice: be prepared for any and all questions. And if certain situations go awry, there are even ways to un-Google yourself. (You can find out how here:

“You never get a second chance with crisis communication,” said Mr. Macias, “you only get one shot, and the most important thing to know is be prepared.”

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Mark Macias is a former Executive Producer with WNBC and Senior Producer with WCBS. He’s also the author of the communications book, Beat the Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media. Macias now consults small and large businesses on how to get publicity. You can read more on his firm at MaciasPR.