Radio Interview: How to get Publicity

MaciasPR November 29, 2012 5,057
Radio Interview: How to get Publicity

How do you get noticed by the media?

There are a few tactics you can take to help your business get on the news. Mark Macias was recently a guest on the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Radio Network. He answered the following questions from the host, Bruce Hurwitz, on what entrepreneurs can do to get noticed by the media.

If you are short on time – like most entrepreneurs – and just want to listen to key sections, we have posted the time code next to the question, so you can listen to sections that apply to your business.



You can listen to the 30-minute radio interview by clicking here. The interview starts at 2:01. 

(Host Question)       Before we get to your book, tell us a bit about your career and your company.  Time Code: 2:45

(Host Question)     Your book, Beat the Press, is divided into two sections:  In the first you deal with proactive positive stories that a business owner pitches; in the second you deal with reacting to negative stories.  I’m going to follow your lead and divide the interview similarly.  So first the positive:  Everyone and his brother pitches stories to the media.  When I speak on this subject I quote the former editor of Inc. magazine who wrote in an editorial that she usually just deletes the pitches.  How can a business owner get his pitch read and responded to?  And mention the five Ws and explain, what I don’t get, the difference between Why and How. Time Code: 3:45 

(Host Question)     Define the following terms:  “newsworthy,”  “evergreen” and “quick-turn.” Time Code 6:22 

(Host Question)      Talk to us for a bit about the difference between an article and an ad? Time Code 12:49 

(Host Question)      Not to get ahead of myself, ads are less credible but, as you write, they can result in leverage.  Explain. Time Code 16:57 

(Host Question)     Now let’s get into dealing with bad press.  When I speak about working with the media my two first rules are don’t do anything that you would not want reported in the morning paper and don’t lie.  I know we agree on those.  What are your additional rules to avoiding press problems. Time Code 24:54