Nonprofit Media Campaigns

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Nonprofit Media Campaigns

Affordable Nonprofit Media Campaigns

By Mark Macias

It’s a universal motto, regardless of religion. You reap what you sow. If you give, you receive. A life lived for others is worth living. It’s our responsibility to take care of each other. What we give, makes a life.

MaciasPR frequently does pro bono work for nonprofit organizations that can demonstrate need. We have learned to put parameters on the organizations we help because we are not here to push an agenda or a controversial cause. We are here to help raise the profile of nonprofit organizations that are trying to make our world a better place by bringing us together.

In December 2012, MaciasPR publicized an essay competition, asking nonprofits to write a short essay on how a publicity campaign could help their organization. The Chicago North Shore Section of the National Council of Jewish Women was chosen for their deep roots in the community and for their record for helping women. We brainstormed together and decided to promote their Silent Witness Exhibit, which keeps the issue of domestic violence on our minds, long after the news cycle is over. Chicago Tribune columnist, Barbara Brotman, wrote a very flattering profile story on the Silent Witness Exhibit, which is in display at Northeastern University. You can read that column by clicking here.

If you are involved with a nonprofit organization that helps people in need, please email us a 500-word essay on your nonprofit organization, what you do, how you help people and why a publicity campaign could help others in need. If you are chosen, MaciasPR will donate two months of free PR to your cause, which includes a media outreach and advice on how to raise the awareness of your organization. You can email us your short essay at: info @

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